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        About A & Co.

        One of my most prominent memories from childhood has been that of gathering my friends around and telling them stories I love, in my own voice. Partnering creativity with reality is what I do best, and I now do that with design and illustrations.

        Whatever you’re building, be it a brand or a book, there’s a story there waiting to be told and I want to help you tell it in all its glory. Whether you need help crafting your brand’s visual identity from scratch, or communicate your ideals to your stakeholders and investors, drop me a line and let’s get to work.

        At Archana and Co, my team and I help you communicate better. Depending on your project needs, the team could be just you and I. And if we need more hands on deck, we bring them on board. In either case, we’ll be hard at work, ensuring that we tell your story the way it’s meant to be told – clearly, and with great design and a dash of personality.

        I am forever grateful for the trust that my clients place in me to become a part of their story. If me and my work speak to you, let’s work together.

        I’m also slightly crazy so I have 4 Instagram accounts. Keep up with my work and ensuing craziness here –

        @archanaandco – where you can keep up with client work and design experiments at Archana & Co.

        @aandcodoodles – A curated collection of doodles, illustrations, and comics + some super cute stationery & merchandise by yours truly. Updated daily!

        @aandcominimal – A curated collection of flat design illustrations, vector graphics and icons designed by A.

        @theartofarch – The remainder of my craziness i.e my personal account.