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        Seth Godin once said “No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself”, and it was the best bit of advice I have ever heard. 

        With things going “viral” all the time, everybody wants their 15 seconds of fame. And really, it’s quite okay to want to be recognized for what we do. However, it gets dangerous when it becomes a need. When we hop on board the train of thought that leads from the question “How do I get that”, and pursue with all our might that need to reassure ourselves that we’re on the right track by validation at the hands of “the experts”, or “the world”.

        Is there something you believe you can create, a problem you can solve, or a cause you can contribute to, but you aren’t giving your attention to because you don’t have that seal of approval? If what you create will bring joy / ease / growth to the someone but you may only get recognition from the person you are creating for and no one else, would you still do it? Is there a personal project that you never quite find the time for, because it would only bring you joy?

        Nobody who got successful got that way by waiting around to be picked. They got there because gave themselves permission and did the thing.

        It’s okay if no one else cares. Do it anyway. 

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