TO MENU

        Yay! My website is done and up! Guys, you have no idea how long this has been on my to-do list (well, some of you do). Somehow it always got put on the back burner. There was always a client project or super-important-personal-assignment that took priority. And sometimes, I was just bone tired. And then one day, I caught “need to work on my website” in the suggested words list on my phone. It was a hilariously sad wake-up moment. So I put myself on a deadline, put on my BIG GIRL pants and got it done! And I have my own website! My very own online space where I can flaunt my work in all its glory.

        There’ll be lots of updates. Lots of them.  Look forward to hearing a lot about me, my musings, the amazing projects and people I work with, and lots of goodies and cool stuff right here on A & Co.


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