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        For a while now, I’ve been making little illustrations with this little fella here. I call it Doodlemon, and I doodle my daily mood, my words of wisdom, my rude thoughts, my lame jokes all through this squishy little thing.

        Not that I don’t love making humanoid characters, I do, but I kinda wanted to make a character that was just a character, instead of being someone with a race, gender, or color. Something that wasn’t human, but not an animal either. I wanted a character that everybody could relate to, or perhaps no one could. And of course, I wanted something I could draw quickly, and which was cute enough that you’d want to squish it. And thus, Doodlemon was born! (yes, I want you to read that in the “And thus, the powerpuff girls were born!”, tone ).

        Here are some of my Doodlemon favorites –

        Do let me know how you like Doodlemon. You can find more on my instagram handle @aandcodoodles.

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