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        One from the archives today. A very old assignment that didn’t get around to being published.

        This was a project I loved working on, and one of my first projects for a product logo. When the folks at Maxline Inc. got into coffee, they approached me with one ask – to design a fun logo for a coffee brand. After a couple of discussions over cups of our favorite drink, we knew more about the brand that was to be Max Koffee. Getting a Logistics company partner to think about design goals for a product was in equal parts challenging and rewarding.

        And thus we defined the design goals for the Max Koffee brand – Max Koffee was a fun-loving, clever-enough-to-appeal-to-hipsters brand, that delivered delicious, fresh, aromatic coffee to its consumers.

        After some explorations and revisiones, we came up with a logo that checked all the boxes.

        Here’s the brand board for Max Koffee , with the logo, logo variations and color palette.

        This was one of my first projects with a more collaborative approach to design, and the process of talking to the client about their company helped me define design goals for the brand with better context, and in turn helped them see the role of design and the value it provides. My approach towards identity design has further evolved since this project, with a better execution of the discovery phase – subsequently leading to a better understanding of the project requirements. Where I once thought of the logo as the face of the brand and gave superlative importance to it, leading the discussion with that in mind, I now design identity systems, where the logo is one of the key elements, and helps communicate the brand story, along with other elements like colors, typography, design elements, photography, voice and tone.

        What role do you think a logo plays in a brand’s identity system? Let me know in the comments below.


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