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        Another project with the CCT team! Having previously worked with them on Rebranding the parent company, and their first product Ohai,  I was super excited to be working them on their newest, and biggest product РInventa, an online to offline communication solution for businesses. Inventa had been in the works even as the CCT team was expanding, and is the realization of the CCT vision of reimagining the web and enabling better communication between people, content and businesses. And A&Co was right there to help them put their best foot forward.

        We worked on creating an identity design system for the Inventa brand, which included the logo, brand colors and typography, patterns, and illustrations, as well as marketing and promotional collateral, such a s business cards and presentation templates. We also did inventa team kits, and decked up the CCT – Inventa office, using some pretty cool decals.

        Identity Design – Through the discovery phase, we decided that the Inventa logo should be one that speaks about connectivity and proximity. It should be minimal and adaptable to various sizes, and the primary usage of the logo would be on digital devices. The symbol achieves this, and also works well at small sizes – perfect for being used as notification icons. The logotype was created to go hand in hand with the symbol, to build brand recognition.

        The logo was the key brand element, with other brand elements being kept close to the CCT brand family. The color scheme for the Inventa brand is combination of purple with deep magenta, to represent a creative brand that brings users and services together harmoniously. Montserrat was chosen to be the primary typeface for brand communication, and Roboto for use on the web and mobile app, keeping in mind legibility.

        Here’s the brand board with the Inventa logo, the logo lockups, brand fonts, colors, and its small format usage.

        We created Inventa team kits, with tees, business cards, mugs and lapel pin badges.

        A branded presentation template –

        And an illustrated piece on the Inventa journey – showing the Inventa tech in use –

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